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Aiming at a holistic development, we have come up with an establishment meant for all ages – be it a student looking to intern, seek overseas education, or compete for international exams or a graduate, who is looking for career opportunities, soft skill training, or corporate training for sustainability. We use scientific methods such as career counselling and psychometric analysis to understand the person’s needs and deliver the best results!

Enrologies™, empowering the excellence in you.

Do it Right

A new beginning can be Intimidiating.

With Enrologies, Follow your dreams without fear. Our experts will help you reach your goals with lesser hassles.

Career Counselling

Enrologies™ is dedicated in ensuring your career safety by training you to orient yourself towards your profession

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IELTS Guidance and Training

A test that is this crucial requires special attention, and Enrologies™ is here to give you exactly that.

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Abroad Studies with Enrologies™

Instead of conventional methods of merely suggesting institutions, we put in our heart and soul to get you your dream place

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Soft skills and workshops

Create a scalable statistics system that’s accessible for your company.

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Why we exist

About Us

Enrologies was established in 2018, with the goal to transform the career journey of every student. We take students’ choice of University, Country and Courses into consideration.

We are a customized guidebook – Count on us!

The number one career counsellor

Keep pushing forward. We've got your back.

Stride ahead with confidence! We have gained the trust of thousands of students like you. With Enrologies, you are in the right hands!


Partner Universities


Successful admissions

For every great dream, there is a meticulous process that you must follow. But worry not! We will assist you in every step of your study abroad journey.

Start Now

What to expect?
Steps to Follow

Pursue your dreams with Enrologies!

1. Setup an Appointment with us

One small appointment schedule has the potential to change your life.

2. Explain to us about your goals

Tell us all about your goals and how excited you are about it.

3. Shortlist Universities

Shortlist Universities based on your dreams and expectations

4. Prepare documentation and prepare SOP

We will help you with writing an enthralling SOP that reflects your achievements, aspirations and goals.

Pursue your dreams with Enrologies!

5. Apply to Universities

We will you help you with the application to your preferred universities and complexities associated with it.

6. Receive and accept offer

You will receive the acceptance letter shortly from the approving universities.

7. Pay Tuition fee deposit

Pay the applicable tuition fee

8. Complete medicals and other formalities

A mandatory check for visa approval.

Pursue your dreams with Enrologies!

9. Apply Visa

We will help you with the tedious process of Visa application.

10. Visa approval, accommodation and travel tickets.

A foundational yet important process which should not be overlooked. Our experts will enable you with the smoothest process.

11. Fly Abroad

Nothing feels better than being at the doorstep towards success, step into that flight brimming with confidence.

12. A big bright perfect Future!

Our associates will ensure you have everything you need post landing. There is nothing stopping from achieving success thereafter!

Meet our Students

“The app is a part of our team, helping to crystalize our vision and delivering incredible results in a record time.”

Alex Regelman

Colabrio Media • Co-Founder

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Laura Norson

Colabrio Media • Art Direction

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